How to Buy

Placing Your Order

Browse your favorite items at our website to find what you want and add it to your shopping bag by clicking Add to Cart. Once you have found your favorite items, you can click Check Out to proceed to your payment. You will be able to review your order after check out while you input the billing info and shipping methods.

We only deliver orders during business days. If you confirmed your payment during weekends or holidays, please be informed that your orders will be proceed on the next business day.


Currently we only accept payment by Bank Transfer, you will be given 24 hours to complete the payment process.

After the Bank Transfer has completed, you need to come back to our site and click the Confirm Payment Button.

Your order will be processed and delivered after the payment is verified by our team (verification is usually completed in 1 working day)

*Please Note: If you do not confirm the payment on our website, your order will automatically be cancelled 24 hours after check out.